Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Contact Prior and Retreat Leader, Rev. Bro. Wayne Sautter
      P. O. Box 359, Youngstown, PA 15696
          Telephone  724-537-8244

Rev. Bro. Robert Rock, Treasurer
9320 Rocky Ridge Road, Rocky Ridge, MD 21778
Phone 301- 271-4448 Email: Pastor Bob@saurette.com

Check out our 2012 retreat!

Reading time - two different times for an hour each day of retreat. Bro. Jerry reads to the retreat.

Sisters and Brothers from a recent retreat

Sr. Patricia Barth, Bro. Jerry Fuss, Bro. Julian Hall

Sister Beverly Lewis, Bro. Robert Rock, Bro. Wayne Sauter

Bro. Jerry Stone

On Retreat in 2011!




Sharing Comunion!

Just plain fun!

Preparing for a hike!

The Waterfall, Being Watched!

Bros. Bernie & Fred, Srs. Carolyn and Bev and Bro. Terry singing

during the music hour each day - half for listening and half for singing!